A simplicity-focused packaging tool for Debian archives

makedeb takes everything developers love about targeting Debian/Ubuntu based distributions, and makes the packaging easier, more enjoyable, and more maintainable.

Install makedeb

bash -ci "$(wget -qO - '')"

More ways to install makedeb can be found in the makedeb Docs.


By design, makedeb tries to get out the way of the user, and let them focus on what they're trying to do, package.


Even with the approach makedeb goes with, makedeb still provides the user with powerful features when they need them, allowing them to handle edge cases where certain features are just needed.


makedeb gives you an easy-to-look-at syntax for your build instructions, making everything easier for contributitors, easier to integrate into your existing setups, and ultimately more maintainable for you.

It's All Just Bash

makedeb's packaging format is simply a shell script with some variables and functions that tell makedeb what to do. This unlocks the full potential that you'd see in a shell, right inside of your packaging setups.

Ready for Production.

makedeb is already being used by various groups to create and package their Debian applications, including:


Thank you to the following people for providing financial support for the makedeb project:

DJ Hard Rich